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januariHistory of Royal Interocean Lines4
History of KPM6
Histories of NTPM and HVM8
RIL Services9
KPM Offices14
RIL Organisation15
februariRoyal Wedding23
De Ruyterschool26
Visit to Noumea29
Cruise Time30
Company Log Book34
Personnel News37
maartRIL Repairs in Progress44
Ideas for Idle Hours46
Destination Japan48
Meet Sydney50
Photographic Competition52
Miss RIL53
Company Log Book56
Personnel News58
aprilShipsASAS Passenger vessels to be replaced63
Fleet Facts63
Outward Bound64
Candid Camera's66
Captain J.A. Houtman Retires74
Chief Engineer Schavemaker Retires75
Company Logbook76
FeaturesDutchmen Down Under I68
Interocean House Yokohama71
meiShipsFleet facts83
In the Dock84
Tristan Rendezvous86
Tjiluwah Masonic Club88
Ships of the Week97
StaffTwas Famous Victory92
Company Logbook94
FeaturesDutchmen Down Under II90
Meet Sydney96
Amphilex 196797
juniShipsRescued by Tjipondok104
Straat Holland Launched105
Fleet Facts107
Ten Years Ago109
m.v. Straat Lombok112
Ships of the Week117
StaffRIL's Chairman Retires103
Farewell Mr. Egberink106
Company Logbook114
Mr. Sung Shou Tin Retires116
FeaturesOut of the Past107
A Farewell to Ships108
Dutchmen Down Under III111
juliShipsFleet Facts125
Ship of The Week137
StaffGoodbye Mr. Doves133
Farewell Captain Minnema133
Company Logbook134
Sydney's Day Out136
Promotions and Appointments137
FeaturesBlake Pier123
Life of a Tugman126
New Office in Manilla128
Dutchmen Down Under IV130
augustusFour Keels in a Fortnight143
Mombassa to Japan144
Meet HK MH145
Two on One Buoy148
Under Sail149
Ship Go-kart from Scraps152
A Remarkebale Feat153
Company Log Book154
Gold Meddal Presented156
Personnel News158
septemberShipsPower Harnessed163
Fleet Facts163
Sanana assist Prau164
Ships of the Week177
StaffWives of Floating Staff Afloat168
Farewell Diner169
Company Logbook174
FeaturesThrough English Eyes165
White Sails Crowding171
Famous Men of the Sea have live at Flushing172
Farewell Mr. de Zeeuw173
An Oriental Artist176
oktoberIn Memoriam Drs. Lodewijk Speelman182
At The Foot Of Mount Fuji183
m.v. Keerkring184
Second Straat H186
Spick and Span And A1 At Lloyds187
Meet Singapore188
Through English Eyes II190
Farewell Chief Engineer Reynhoudt193
Goorbye Mr. Den Boer193
Company Log Book194
Photo Competition Results196
Family News197
Personnel News198
novemberSmitlloyd (Australia) Pty. Ltd.203
Supply Boats204
Sloterkerk Sails East207
Straat Chatam Carries Cows208
Maiden Voyage Straat Holland209
Through English Eyes III212
Company Log Book214
Farewell Chief Engineer D. Snip217
Personnel News218
decemberAnother Ship Launched223
Straat Soenda Fare Thee Well224
Rocket Delivery226
Ex van Waerwijk228
Meet Japan229
Sky Diving232
Sint Nicolaas Tide233
Company Log Book234
Architectural Diploma for RIL236
Farewell Mr. Koedood237
Personnel News238


januariShipsStraat Soenda Liason6
Fleet Facts8
Heavy Lift17
StaffMeet Japan - II9
Company Logbook14
Promotions and Appointments16
FeaturesGrowing Older - Getting Younger3
Ma Cho Lung4
The Sorrow of Departing7
Australian Rivalry13
februariShipsGESAS - AJHAS24
Coastal Trip26
The Durban Scene27
Again Straat Soenda33
Ships of the Week36
StaffMeet Africa30
Company Logbook34
In Memoriam37
FeaturesIn The Narrows23
The Giant Turtles28
Good Luck and Long Life29
From Purgatory to Paradise32
maartShipsAirlift at Sea47
New Zealand Docking53
StaffCompany Logbook54
Mr. O.M. Crawford56
In het Zog van Magelhaen44
West African New Year48
Stamp Collectors Ahoy57
aprilShipsFleet Facts63
Tegelberg - Last Voyage65
Tjiwangi Olympics67
Another Red Letter day for RIL69
A Very Fine Ship70
StaffArea Managers Conference64
Visitors to Hong Kong72
20 Years ago73
Company Logbook74
Farewell Captain Steggerda76
In Memoriam77
FeaturesAnyone for Treasure?66
meiShipsAntilla Cape is Launched83
Fleet Facts83
First Straat A Launched84
Maiden Voyage85
Sibigo Sails Away87
MV Tjitjalenka90
Tjitjalenka in Wartime92
StaffA Century and a Quarter of Service97
FeaturesPorto Grande86
Translation from a Chines Newspaper88
Anyone for Treasure II89
Ships of the Week96
juniShipsFleet Facts103
Launching of Straat Adelaide105
Sambas in Indonesia106
Hollands Duin Chartered by RIL107
Two Straat C's in Port Kembla104
StaffPersonnel News118
Family News115
Crew of Straat Lagos114
Meet South America110
Hong Kong Walkathon116
Holland Outing117
FeaturesShips of Yesteryear113
Twenty Years Ago117
Fairy Penguins108
Calcutta Phenomenon112
Stamp Collectors Ahoy114
juliShipsLast of the 4 Straat H's launched123
First of the Supply Boats launched125
Tjimanuk Rescues Fishermen124
Munttoren in Hong Kong127
Boissevain's History130
Fleet Facts126
New Shape of Straat A's126
StaffThanks to Agents134
New Computer in Amsterdam128
Party in Lagos134
Farewell to 2 Coxwains136
Family News135
Personnel News137
Boissevain at Buenos Aires126
Recorded Messages heard on Straat Cook135
Sao Paolo links Art and Commerce135
FeaturesShip of Yesteryear133
Twenty Years ago136
Stamp Collectors Ahoy136
Street Organs132
Ships of the Week137
augustusShipsStraat Accra in the Wtare143
Twin Cranes on Straat A's144
Animals aboard Tjikampek145
Fleet Facts156
Rescue by Straat Futami154
Call At Majunga155
Boissevain Sails Away154
Sabang Sends a Surprise155
StaffMeet Amsterdam149
Three Farewells152
Famiy News154
Personnel News158
Expedition for Wives143
Football in Amsterdam155
FeaturesManila Abaca146
Ten Years Ago152
Ships of Yesteryear156
Ships of the Week156


januariShipsMaiden Voyage6
Fleet Facts9
StaffMessage for 19703
The Merger and RIL4
Goodbye Mr. Hens8
Family News15
FeaturesPioneer Footprints10
Up, Up and Away13
Singapore Crew Training16
februariShipsLPG Carrier on Order26
StaffNot Goodbye Mr. de Haan24
Captain W. Breebaart Retires27
Company Logbook34
FeaturesHappy New Year23
Port Of Call28
Festival of Hong Kong30
First Footsteps in Japan Concluded33
Proud Sails36
maartShipsFour New Ships Coming43
Sign Of The Times44
Departure Day Straat Banka46
Fleet Facts47
Welcome Wonosobo48
StaffMeet HK-HO50
Three Presentations57
Company Logbook58
FeaturesInterocean House49
Dutch Delight60
aprilShipsSafocean Auckland - Under Table Mountain67
Technical Problems68
Fleet Facts69
Vintage Cargo70
StaffCompany Logbook78
Farewell Dr. Adamse81
FeaturesNSU Organisation69
Cargo Handling Through the Centuries71
The LACAS Scene74
Docking in Durban76
Outstanding at Osaka77
Peep Holes80
meiShipsThe A's in Australia87
Hollands Brink - A Large Lady88
Tjikampek - Sold for Scrap92
Fleet Facts97
Log Book99
Feeder Service in the Far East94
The Lacas Scene100
Forty Years Ago101
JuniShipsRIL Fleet109
Charter Ship110
Three Services Meet112
Fleet Facts113
Tanker Trouble113
StaffHigh Honour107
Fourth Managers Conference109
Old Ship Mates116
Seafares Day117
Company Log Book118
FeaturesNSU Headquarters107
Among The Islands108
Dutch Day Kobe111
The LACAS Scene114
Outward Bound120
JuliShipsThree of a Kind127
Ampenan Ahoy129
Tjitarum - Snake in the Howser137
Fleet Facts140
Ten Years Ago143
StaffCaptain Terhorst Celebrates136
Company Logbook138
Distinguished Service140
Farewell Mr. Pronk141
FeaturesPrefix Royal fo Nedlloyd127
Among the Islands128
Expo 1970130
Expo 1970 - A Passing Impression132
Stamp Collectors Ahoy133
Captain James Cook134
SeptemberShipsHollands Diep168
Straat N-169
T.S. Singapore177
Fleet Facts169
Straat A-167
StaffFarewells - Australia173
Farewells - Holland180
Farewells - Japan180
Farewells - Chile178
FeaturesEarthquake Port170
Recollected in Tranquility181
OktoberShipsNedlloyd Contaiership188
Houtman Carries Cattle192
Under Sail193
Fleet Facts187
Junk Mystery198
StaffAnniversaries - Chief Engineer M.G. Beunder197
Anniversaries - Mr. G.T. Marshall201
Farewell to the Grand Old Man197
FeaturesAmong The Islands200
The LACAS Scene190
Ten Years Ago203
Thirty Years Ago196
NovemberShipsAbel Tasman207
Shipping Business210
Fleet Facts216
Aniversaries - Chief Engineer J. Coers217
Aniversaries - Mr. C. de Graaf217
Aniversaries - Purser Lee Moon Chung221
Singapore Sports day220
FeaturesTasman's Navigator212
Container Ticket216
Ten Years Ago223
DecemberShipsStraat Cumberland227
Straat Rio229
Straat N-228
Fleet Facts228
Staff25th Anniversaries232
Meteorological Awards240
Keeping Fit238
Baseball in Japan238
FeaturesIndian Oddysey236
Liferaft Drill234
Ten Years Ago239


januari ShipsStraat Talbot4
Straat Fremantle5
Straat Fremantle15
Straat Florida16
Fleet facts17
Nedlloyd K-2
Staff25th Anniversaries Ship8
25th Anniversaries Shore12
Nedlloyd - Far East19
FeaturesSugar Discharge6
Indian Odysssey II10
New Year's Message3
Stamp Collectors Ahou!19
februari ShipsStraat Cumberland23
Straat Nagasaki23
Fleet Facts23
Straat Singapore27
Straat Fiji26
Straat Franklin34
Meeting in Holland35
Meteorological Award35
New Zealand Cruise28
Indian Odyssey III24
Around The Islands37
maart ShipsStraat Banka43
Straat Clarence50
Fleet Facts43
Straat C-44
Nedlloyd Kembla45
Staff40 Years Anniversaries48
25 Years Anniversaries49
Poem for Chief Engineer57
Meteorological Award55
Featurest.s. Simulator46
10 Years Ago59
Stamp Collectors Ahoy!59
Bulk Palm Oil to Shimanzi56
april ShipsTjipondok70
Straat Nagoya63
Fleet Facts63
Straat Tauranga75
100 Years Old77
Meteorological Award75
Mountains High66
White Sails Crowding68
Going Dutch in Australia78
10 Years Ago65
meiShipsNieuw Holland I84
Nieuw Holland II83
Jumboizing of Straat C's85
Fleet Facts87
Straat Tanga88
Persoonel News96
Staff25th Anniversary93
Three Musketeers95
Hong Kong Changes92
FOCUS - A Sailor's Life82
FeaturesSouth Atlantic Saga86
Among The Islands98
juniShipsStraat Nagasaki103
Straat Korea105
Fleet Facts103
Anniversaries and Farewells112
StaffRoyal Distinctions118
Personnel News116
Friendly Soccer115
FeaturesTen Years Ago117
A.1 in Hong Kong106
The LACAS Scene110
Loading in South America108
juli ShipsStraat Nagasaki Launched130
Rescue by Straat Towa133
Girls on board Tjiluwa133
End of Straat Soenda132
Visit to Straat Korea124
Fleet Facts126
StaffChanges in Africa132
Fun on Straat Franklin134
Family News135
FeaturesFOCUS on Singapore122
Taifun Barometer128
Kobe Island Port130
Tristan de Cunha138
Ten Years Ago137
augustus ShipsStraat Nagoya launched151
Straat Nassau building145
The First Tjinegara144
Shoals of Ships146
Fleet Facts143
StaffSailor Lau On143
Hong Kong Staff in Action152
Marathon Walker Brian R. Brown154
Contact Day158
FeaturesNedlloyd Office149
FOCUS on Japan142
Launching - to start and to stop150
SeptemberShipsLNG Carrier for NSU163
Farewell Tjinegara168
Straat N's164
Straat Tauranga165
Straat Frazer has visitors164
StaffRIL Wedding175
Family News175
FeaturesHelp Yourself169
The VOC Goes Recruiting170
Among The Islands173
Taifun Barometer166
New Seamark in Hong Kong167
oktoberShipsLNG Carries183
Straat Singapore184
Straat Clement185
Fleet Facts184
Scanservice Neddloyd198
Meet Singapore and Penang189
Staff25th Anniversaries187
HK MH plays table-tennis197
Singapore Sports Day199
What happenend to Op Ten Noort186
FeaturesTen Years Ago201
Captains Day in Durban202
november ShipsJumboization of Straat F's207
Progress of Straat N's211
LASH calls at Hong Kong210
StaffRoyal Award217
25th Anniversaries212
Painting Competition222
Family News219
FeaturesTen Yars Ago219
FOCUS - Animals on Board206
Hong Kong's Landlink214
december ShipsNieuw Holland228
Chartership Katherine229
Fleet Facts228
StaffRIL Sports Club - 20th Anniversary234
Staff 25th Anniversaries236
New Office in Johannesburg231
Sailing as Supercargo233
FeaturesFOCUS on Sydney226
Winter in Holland227
Japanese Party230
Hotel de Balaia230
The LACAS Scene232
Outward Bound242


januari ShipsFleet Distribution5
Straat Colombo Unit Loader7
Fleet facts7
StaffMessage from Managing Directors3
NSU Committee3
FeaturesTravelling with a Husband10
Visit to China9
Visit to the Vasa8
Among the Islands18
februariShipsFirst N- delivered23
Launching Straat Nassau24
Fleet facts25
FeaturesSailing Canoes30
New Engine Room32
Floating Santa27
march ShipsMiniature Straat N-s46
Fleet facts46
Nieuw Holland50
StaffDouble Jubilee43
FeaturesInsulated Floating Boxes52
First class Passenger in the 19th century48
aprilShipsStraat Napier launched65
Straat Nagasaki delivered64
Straat N- details63
Relaxing on Straat Bali67
Fleet Facts63
StaffFarewells in Amsterdam68
Farewell in Japan69
25th Anniversaries72
FeaturesAmong The Islands78
RIL Film Review73
Ten Years Ago65
MayShipsProgress of Straat Napier84
Fleet facts84
Nieuw Holland - Maiden Voyage85
Good Bye Tjibantjet86
Straat Nagoya - Receptions in Japan88
Staff25th anniversary88
New Year celebrations92
FeaturesWedding Story94
Family News95
NSU News89
Waves, Flow and Drag90
Floating Dock Delivered98
June ShipsDelivery Straat Nassau103
Fleet facts105
Eggs Ahoy Straat Rio109
Straat Colombo115
StaffArea Managers Conference107
25th Anniversary112
Royal Awards113
Painting Competition114
FeaturesScan Dutch104
NSU News106
Sixth China Sea Race108
Tauranga Bay of Plenty110
july ShipsOn Board Straat Nagasaki130
Straat Napier Tapestry125
Fleet facts124
25th Anniversaries129
Farewell in Hong Kong132
Royal Award129
FeaturesAfrica Transit126
A Glaze at the Past123
Martinair DC10124
Holland is Here137
Dhow Traders138
AugShipsNihon, first ScanDutch ship142
Farewell Straat Tanga144
Fleet Facts144
Cartoon from Straat Tanga145
StaffMeet West Africa150
25th Anniversaries152
Staff Party in Singapore153
Hong Kong RIL Sports Club News154
FeaturesSingapore Container Terminal opens142
Hong Kong Rainstorm Disaster146
Africa Transit - part II147
Among the Islands158
Netherlands Maritime Museum157
septShipsStraat N Performance166
Fleet facts165
Straat N model171
Cartoon from Nieuw Holland165
Pittoresque Passengers174
StaffOffice Expansion164
Farewell in Japan169
25th Anniversaries169
Behind the Scenes in Singapore176
RILSC Basketball Tournament179
FeaturesHong Kong - The Changing Scene162
RIL and its Brokers168
Africa Transit concluded172
Paintings of Nieuw Holland170
Oct ShipsJumboizing Straat F vessels182
Straat Fremantle, Before and After198
Fleet facts187
3rd generation Containerships in Hong Kong192
Staff25th Anniversaries, Aboard and Ashore188
Anniversaries in 1973194
RIL Swimming Gala in Hong Kong193
Family News195
FeaturesMerchant Ships in the Year 2000184
The LACAS Scene - Peru190
Nov ShipsTwo views of Nieuw Holland202
Technical Hitch206
Fleet Facts206
Cranes and Cargo210
StaffNew Managing Director202
Log Book214
Staff Rating Sheet217
FeaturesMa Cho Lung Village204
Peru (part II)212
Diamond Polishing218
Dec ShipsFleet facts224
Straat Chatam Refloated238
The Chain Gang230
StaffSingapore Sports229
Meteorological Awards236
25th Anniversaries225
RIL Wedding234
FeaturesNSU Chairman in Hong Kong222
RIL Delegation at Shipping Conference224
Winter is here223
The Lacas Scene part 3232\


JanuariShipsDischarging Locomotives - Straat Napier10
Tjitarum in Durban2
ms Selandia in Singapore4
Fleet facts5
StaffMessage from Managing Directors2
RIL Launch to the rescue3
25th Anniversaries8
Farewell Mr. van Rhoon9
FeaturesFrom Coffee House to Shipping Exchange6
The Lacas Scene - part 412
St. Nicolas in Hong Kong18
FebruariShipsStraat Santa visits Gan28
Straat Franklin televised in Japan29
Fleet facts29
StaffMr. Ruys in Japan23
25th Anniversaries32
RILSC Dinner33
Family News35
FeaturesLife in China - part 1 - The Commune24
The Year of the Ox23
Buenos Aires - Port of Call30
Do you remember?37
Among the Islands38
MarchShipsThree S Kerks join RIL Fleet42
Straat Noah's Ark51
Fleet facts43
StaffMeet Sao Paulo44
Farewell in Singapore45
Japanese party in Johannesburg49
Farewell in Amsterdam53
New Staff for RIL55
FeaturesLife in China - part 2 - The City46
The Aluminium Story52
Dhows in Zanzibar50
Action for a wreck58
AprilShipsShow Piece - Nieuw Holland64
Snowbound - Straat Madura65
Fleet facts65
A round dozen - Tjiwangi74
StaffFarewell Mr. Terwogt62
Crew Celebrations73
FeaturesCargo Handling Seminar66
Het Scheepvaarthuis68
Sisal - From Plant to Bale70
Seal of Approval78
MayShipsTriple Birth - Straat Kobe, Straat Nassau, Straat Fushimi82
Fleet Facts83
Wine in Containers - Straat Nagasaki86
Herefordshire - charter ship83
StaffMarketing Meeting83
Sporting RILers in Japan84
Over the Hills and Far Away - RILSC88
Sailing Letters92
Crew Capers93
Among The Islands98
Blood Donors94
JuneShipsStraat Ships at Adelaide102
Full and Down - Straat Napier103
Fleet Facts102
Locomotive Aboard - Safocean Auckland, Tjibesar108
StaffRoyal Awards118
25th Anniversaries107
25th Anniversaries113
First Anniversary for INTEAC118
FeaturesA Unique Computer System104
Chinese Survey of Japan - 1624110
Inique Dry Dock103
Japanese Trade Fair - Sao Paulo107
Birth of a Dragon Boat118
JulyShipsNedlloyd Dejima at Kwai Chung122
Fleet Facts125
The White Fisher130
StaffNSU Chairman in Sao Paulo125
Silver Jubilees128
Letters to the Editor134
FeaturesUncommon Law126
Dejima - East - West Friendship132
AugustShipsStraat Torres144
Fleet Facts147
Freak Wave148
StaffSilver Jubilees145
Silver Jubilees149
Silver Jubilees154
South Africa146
FeaturesCatering Purchasing and Stores142
RIL Kabushiki Keisha150
Marketing - circa 1800153
Photographic Competition158
SeptemberShipsNieuw Holland164
Straat Holland169
Fleet Facts173
New Colours174
Holland, Singapore167
Hong Kong169
FeaturesSomething New in Weather166
Across the Pacific in a Junk168
Going Places170
OktoberShipsFleet Facts193
Straat Algoa194
StaffAnniversaries 1974185
Service Anniversaries188
Project Team193
Swimming Gala198
FeaturesCargo Handling182
Training for a Better Life186
The First 1000 footer190
Thanks to God and the Captain192
NovemberShipsWhite Straat N212
Fleet Facts212
RIL Service to Life Saving215
StaffService Anniversaries205
RIL Executive honoured214
FeaturesKepp it Going - at top performance202
There's more where that cam from210
Wealth beneath the Waves213
DecemberShipsNedlloyd Delft227
Fleet Facts228
Wonosobo loads horses229
StaffService Anniversaries222
Annnual Cricket Match - New Zealand229
Family News234
FeaturesPowered Pleasure Boats224
Manouvering Simulator at Wageningen230
Tristan Stamps for Straat Algoa232


januariShipsFleet facts2
World Championships in Hong Kong6
Straat Clement / Asian Express14
StaffMessage from managing directors2
Service Anniversaries3
Sports Day in Singapore13
Durban Soccer Match18
FeaturesBussinessmen who drive hard bargains4
Companies Departmen8
Your pull-out guide to NSU Companies10
februariShipsFarewell Tjiwangi22
Fleet facts23
Straat RIL - artwork by H.J. Kers27
StaffService anniversaries28
From Swings to Bingo n Singapore33
Soccer in Shanghai35
FeaturesThe Swan Song of Sail24
Your pull-out guide to NSU companies30
There and Back38
marchShipsNieuw Holland - Dunedin Call44
Fleet Facts42
Mystery Ship54
Sanyonara Tjiwangi58
StaffBoard Appointments NSU42
Service Anniversaries42
Johannesburg Party49
RILSC activities53
FeaturesA Chief Engineer - 190049
Wood to Fiberglass50
NSU News47
aprilShipsMagellan Passage - Straat Nagoya62
Cooperation Ship and Shore - Straat Cumberland63
Star Attraction - Straat Futami73
Fleet Facts78
StaffWest African Visit63
Farewell Mr. van der Schalk67
Silver Jubilees68
Receptions - Japan and Hong Kong75
RIL Soccer Victory78
Trekking in Nepal70
Letters to the Editor74
mayShipsNew Cruise - Australia Indonesia Straits Service82
Unusual Catch for Straat Nassau84
Asian Endavour89
Veendam Passengers visit China90
Fleet Facts82
StaffArea Managers Conference85
Conferences Tarrifs and Agencies Department87
Lisland International (HK) Ltd91
Silver Jubilee - Dutch Hockey Club98
FeaturesRemember…there's always a better methode86
The origins of the Shipping Conference88
Trekking in Nepal92
juneShipsAAE going for Boxes102
Fleet Facts102
Tema Call - Straat Fukuoka104
Straat Tauranga in Durban109
StaffRoyal Award103
Service Anniversaries103
Fact Finding Team - NZEAS111
Captain's Shield115
FeaturesVZ - Freight Department106
The Last Time … AJHAS110
Martinair DC10112
julyShipsOn board Straat Agulhas - Cabaret134
A Whale of a Tiger? - Straat Nassau132
Fleet Facts138
StaffFarewell Receptions in the Netherlands122
Postbox 2000124
Lisland International Japan138
FeaturesProject Tai Ki Pacific130
Developing New Zealand's Maui Gas Field126
Oil Rig Penrod 74128
Sea Star - A Ship with a Mission129
augustShipsStraat Hong Kong in Hong Kong Harbour150
AAE Contaiership143
Penmarch and Tarpon Sea145
Straat Tauranga in Amsterdam144
Fleet Facts144
StaffStraat Florida Ladies set the pace152
Bogota Principals Meeting142
FeaturesLaunchpicnics - RILSC149
Golden Jubilee - Able Tasman Sea School143
Hong Kong Trade Mission142
And it's a goal158
septemberShipsAsian Containerships162
Urgent RIL cargo arrives - Straat Fiji163
Straat Bali in ASAS167
Fleet Facts166
Straat Nassau to the Rescue172
StaffIn West Africa - Takoradi164
Service Anniverseries168
On Board Straat Luanda169
Basket Ball173
In Australia178
FeaturesNew Service - HOSAS162
Ships with a History - Tjileboet165
A Call at Apia - Western Samoa170
octoberShipsNew Zealand Services183
Fleet Facts183
Kobe Queens visit Wonosari184
Straat Franklin - Chock a Block185
StaffMeet Lima184
Service Anniversaries188
Anniversaries 1975193
RIL Functions in West Africa198
FeaturesA New Course for RIL182
Transdata Limited186
Ships with a History - van Heutsz190
Roll-on, Roll-off187
Luxury Cruise with Lislind189
novemberSafocean Albany and Arabonne205
Fleet Facts205
Four White Sisters217
Diving Systems204
Integrated RIL-Nedlloyd202
RIL Receptions for Shippers203
In Nairobi203
Durban - Sports and Social208
Service Anniversaries213
J.J. Slauerhof, Poet-Surgeon with JCJL206
The Barnacle210
Beauty in a Bottle212
Nedrill Offshore Drilling Company204
decemberShipsFarewell Nieuw Hollland224
Fleet Facts222
NSU News - Containerships, Bul Carrier225
StaffHong Kong Regional HO Organisation Chart230
Personnel Movements232
RIL Cricket Match at Napier233
FeaturesFishing for Anchovy226
Meteorological Awards234
Basketball Champions238


januariShipsFleet Facts2
StaffNew Yaer Message2
The Move to Rotterdam6
Goodbye Party9
FeaturesIntroducing Rotterdam6
februariShipsFleet Facts22
Three Ships at Accra30
StaffOud Roest23
The Dutch in Loas32
marchShipsThe Hospital Ships of RIL44
AAE rationalize container services with OOCL43
Fleet Facts42
StaffThe Social Scene52
Budhist Blessing in Bangkok46
Farewell in Ghana47
Lunar Celebration43
FeaturesRotterdam Office50
Hydrography Century47
Watching The Oceans Grow49
aprilShips….. And then there were none66
Fleet Facts69
RIL Flags dot Singapore69
Locomotive for Santos77
StaffNew House Journal - NSU Shipping News62
AAE Seminar in Hong Kong68
Socials in Singapore68
Service Anniversaries72
Sports Events78
FeaturesTransdata Ltd.: Management Information System62
Introducing Top Management NSU-S64
When did we first meet?70
May-JuneShipsFleet Review17
Freighter Fleet 1950 - 197518
Passenger Fleet Review19
Passenger Fleet 1950 - 197520
Life on Board21
Cargo in Camera23
Area Correspondents4
RIL Area Offices25
Extracts from our Company Log Book Pages29
RIL Sports Club33
FeaturesTristan de Cunha5
North Pole - South Pole Services8
A Whale of a Story9
Straat Clement - Mercy Ship10
In het zog van Magelhaen10
Fishing for men11
Salute to a Doctor11
Successful Towage Trip12
"Listing" … but she made it12
Food Havoc in Hong Kong13
Now it can be told14
Switched On!15
Ma Cho Lung15
Royal Visits16